SEO Ranking Factors and Strategies for 2018

SEO Ranking Factors and Strategies for 2018

In this increasingly competitive field, to rank high, you have got to have a good grip on a wide variety of SEO ranking strategies. SEO and SEO ranking is a very crucial nowadays. Without SEO it is difficult to rank your page high.

Why is SEO Ranking important?

SEO Rankings refers to a website’s position in the search engine results page. There are SEO various ranking factors that affect whether a site appears higher on SERPs based on the content related to the search term or the quality of backlinks pointing to that page. SEO Ranking factors play an enormous role in the digital marketing strategy of a website.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” This is a significant process of getting traffic from the free, organic, editorial and natural search results on search engines. All the major search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have primary search results, where web pages and other content are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

This blog covers nine essential things to get you to achieve excellent SEO ranking. Read more to find out the factors for high SEO Ranking in 2018:

1. Crawlable, accessible and easily parsable URLs

We want the Googlebot’s spiders to come to our page, understand the content that is on the page in text format. Also, the spiders should realize images and visuals, video or embeds or everything else that you have on that page. This should all be in a way that the spiders should be able to put into the web index. This is essential without which, no other stuff does not even matter. Hence, the main thing is that the URLs should be well accessible and easily parsable.

2. An Effective Keyword Research and Analysis

We need to understand and to ident the words and phrases that searchers are actually using to get answers to the questions they are want to ask. These should be problems that your company, your website should actually work to solve so that your content will help them to settle their queries.

What you require here is a ‘Primary Keyword’ or ‘Focus Keyword’ and a set of related ‘Secondary Keywords’ that partake the searcher’s intention. So the purpose behind all of these terms and phrases should be the same so that the same content can serve it. When you will do that, we will have those set of keywords that we can target in our optimization efforts.

3. Do a SERP Investigation to find out what Google thinks that is related
to the one who is searching.

Conduct a “SERP” investigation. For those who do not know what it means, this term is actually an acronym. It means “Search Engine Results Page.” SERPs are web page listings that return search results based on a keyword query. This is something in which SEO ranking is highly dependable. Therefore, when we search for anything on Google, a query is generated, and the pages that come up with your results are the SERPs. These results are actually what Google thinks is the content is about. Google believes that it will answer the query which searcher fired. So when you conduct a SERP investigation which is very important for SEO ranking, try figuring out what Google will think about your content. Try to think from searcher’s point of view what he might possibly be searching.

4. Let the soundest person create the content.

To emphasize, there are a few elements which are important here. Firstly, we want a genuinely dependable, worthy of intensification person or group of people to create the content. You might think why is that important? Well, because if we do this, we build the link, we organize social media sharing which is way more likely to happen. Our content becomes more convincing, both in the eyes of searchers as well as in the eyes of Google’s. So to the stage that, I would absolutely urge you to appoint a good content creator. Content plays a very important role in the SEO ranking of the web page.

Next, we are trying to help the searcher’s intent and solve their problem. We also want to do it better than anyone else can do it on a page. Because if we don’t, even if we have optimized a lot of the other things, over time Google will realize that people are not satisfied reading your page. Eventually, Google will lower the rank of your web page. To say that, content is king of SEO Ranking and is vital to get the higher SEO ranking.

5. Create convincing Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Google uses the meta description quite frequently. Though it seems like they don’t. But, in fact, there is a high percentage when the actual meta description of the page is used. Also, sometimes there is an even higher percentage where the actual title is used. Google sometimes truncates the URL, while they also use the snippets as well as other elements. But the snippet is essential to your SEO ranking efforts because it defines how it gets displayed in the search result.

How Google displays your result determines whether people want to click on your snippet or someone else’s. Your snippet is your chance to tell the searchers that, “Come click me rather than others.” If you can optimize this, both from a keyword prospect using the words and phrases, as well as from relevancy, you can really win it. Hence, this strategy is quite important for your SEO ranking in 2018.

6. Apply primary, secondary, and related keywords effectively

Related keywords are those that are semantically connected to the searcher’s query. Google will consider to view it as essential to prove that your content is associated with the searcher’s query.

The page’s text content is significant because the Google’s Spiders identify the keywords only in text. Hence, if you put it entirely in visuals or infographics or some other embeddable formats that Google cannot parse easily out, they might actually not count it all. They might not interpret it as actual content on the page, and you will need to prove to Google that you have the related keywords on that page. Using this technique, you can enhance your SEO ranking.

7. Enhance your content by using rich snippets and schema markup

Enhancing the content by using rich snippets and schema markup is not possible for everyone. But in some circumstances, in the fact that you are getting into Google news, or in the fact that you are in recipe world, you can get visuals and images. Also in the case where you have a featured snippet chance, and you can get the image for that featured snippet, or in the fact where you can get rich snippets around travel and around flights or other verticals that the schema is holding right now, that is really great. You should take advantage of those opportunities. This will surely boost your SEO ranking.

8. Optimize your page for page speed

Appealing visuals, incredible UI, and excellent user experience is something every a web page needs to be optimized. People should be happy to use your web page. Letting someone go all the way through and accomplish their task in an easy, fulfilling way on any device, at a reasonably good speed, in a secure way too. Security holds critical importance.

HTTPS is not the only way, but it is a significant part of what Google cares about currently, and HTTPS was in great focus in 2016 & 2017. It will unquestionably continue to be a focus for Google in 2018.

9. Know and identify who will help increase this?

When you have an answer and a precise list of people and publications who will help you increase it, you have got to execute to earn solid links and mentions across the web and across social media platforms. So that your content can be scanned by Google’s crawlers and by human beings also by searchers as highly relevant and of high quality.

After doing all this stuff, your SEO ranking will be high in 2018.

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