Problems in Loading your Website Pages? Use Website Speed Checker for Checking Website Performance and Optimization Test

Problems in Loading your Website Pages? Use Website Speed Checker for Checking Website Performance and Optimization Test

Website Speed Checker

When it comes to a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo you just have to focus on Quality. This will keep you in the long race of ranking. Website performance is important and considered a major factor when concerned with ranking. No matter how much you have done SEO or no matter how much you have created links. If your website is slow and is not opening for users on time then users will bounce from your website and find another solution. What will be the use of all these things? You need to work on your website speed. Check what is making the web-page heavy and you need to make the necessary change. These Website Speed Checker tools will provide you with the best of solutions.

Check out the best Website Speed Checker tools and find your Answer:

Website Speed Checker Tools
Website Speed Checker Tools

1) Google Page Speed Insight:

You can use this tool for checking your whole website or you can also set any single page for which you want to check the speed by Google. This tool checks your whole website and provides you with the technical as well as your page speed. The tool provides your page speed in both desktop and mobile. It shows you where your website is taking time to load your content. This is a Website Speed Checker tool for free given by Google to analyze your website.

2) Yahoo YSlow:

Yahoo is a search engine has a website checker tool for its users. The tool will check your web-page or website according to Yahoos set of rules. The tool will Crawl your website and send you a detailed report about your website’s performance. It checks all kinds of things such as Web-page, HTTP requests, redirects, Etag configurations. The tool will provide you with the required set of improvements on your website related to speed. The tool will provide you with page speed and loading time.

3) Pingdom:

This tool also suggests you with the required set of changes in your website when considered to speed. The Pingdom tool also provides with reports related to your HTML structure, CSS, JavaScript’s and all things related to your website which is affecting your websites speed. You can find the suggestion and make the necessary changes in your website or for a single web-page

4) Web Page Test:

Another amazing tool and used as Website Speed Checker tool. A detailed report will be provided to you and set of changes that where you need to do the changes and details related to it. This helps you find what is causing your website speed to go down. The tool will provide you with the actual speed of your website and the loading time of the website.

5) Which Loads Faster:

A tool to check only the website speed. You are allowed to compare a set of 2 websites and comparison between the loading times of the website is done. which loads faster will be giving you which website has good loading time and which one has to improve. You will not be given any suggestions regarding what is causing the speed issues but only the loading speed will be given. This is how the tool works.

In Closing Note:

Using this Website checker tool helps you to analyze your website and find out where you need to make changes and what is affecting your website speed. You are also suggested with websites technical issues which you can solve and make your website a quality one and get an improved ranking in search engine. Make use of these tools which do not charge your pocket and have a good ranking in search engine.

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