Importance of Eye-Catching Email Marketing Subject Lines

Importance of Eye-Catching Email Marketing Subject Lines

Ever since its conception, Email has been an active leader in the marketing arena. Over a number of marketing tools available in the digital world, email is the most effective tool for marketing. Email marketing is here to stay. When we look at emails from any marketers point of view, it offers a tremendous advantage regarding returns on investment and the ease of customization. Moreover, email marketing is said to be the king of digital marketing. With a number of email marketing tools available, running email campaigns have never been so easy. The open rate of the emails depends on the subject line of the email. Thus, it is quite essential to create eye-catching email marketing subject lines.

Email Marketing is the most established methods for promoting brands. Understanding the benefits of email marketing to boost your business is undoubtedly essential. There are many ways in which email can help drive revenue and nurture consumer relationships that will inevitably expand your business. Just imagine that you put a lot of efforts in creating the content of the email, but the subject line is not very catchy. The open rate of these emails will drop drastically, and it might result in spamming of the email. The email marketing subject lines hold a particular significance. These email marketing subject lines attract the users to click and open the email. But what if the reader does not open the email or it does not reach the correct destination and ends up in the SPAM folder. To avoid this, it is quite essential to create eye-catching email marketing subject lines.

The First Impression Is The Last Impression

Here are a few things which should be considered while curating the Email Marketing Subject Lines.

The most important email marketing best practices contain writing relevant subject lines. Keep your subject lines under 50-60 characters. Mentioning incentives and offers in the subject lines can increase the opening rates by 50%. Almost 35% of email recipients open the email based on subject lines. 85% of emails are deleted because of irrelevant subject lines. 69% of email recipients mark emails as spam on the sole basis of subject line. Lots of email marketing tools are available in the market.

1.  Raise Questions

Some problem statements tend to catch the attention. This happens because the email marketing subject line touches the heart of the reader. Put up the questions for which the people are desperate to find the answers. A question works better than normal statements. Furthermore, it helps in increasing the opening rates of the emails.

2.  Keeping it Short and simple

Following the Keep-It-Simple rule for email marketing subject lines can prove to be a great help. Shorter and simple subject lines are easily comprehendible which a reader can understand. Longer email marketing subject lines can deviate the readers. For example, 45-50 characters appear too long, and they do not work quite well with mobile optimization. While 30-35 characters is an excellent range to maintain because about 35 characters are visible in a mobile inbox.

3.  The Geographic Touch

The email campaigns which have a location-specific subject line adds a personal touch to it. For example, “Here’s a reason for Delhi to celebrate”. Adding this little detail can grab the attention of location-targeted readers increasing the opening rates.

4.  Being a Genuine Sender

The email marketing subject lines should not spark any surmise or doubt about the contents of the email. The great way to this is adding the company’s name or the product’s name in the subject line helps in earning the trust of the reader.

5.  Content Relevancy

The emails which have been sent should be in the right spot. The readers should not get a feel of irrelevant content for them. The message contained in the email should be precise and obvious. Also, it is essential to avoid the confusion about the content of the email marketing subject. For an email marketing subject line to be spot on, it is imperative to be specific.

6.  Including Urgency and A Call to Action

“Hurry!! only 24 hours left.” Yes, recipients do react to these kinds of email marketing subject lines. Creating a state of urgency with a call to action supporting it is the most prominent email marketing strategy. A call to action can direct the recipients to their next step. It also ensures that the recipient does not browse the email in the process of going through their inbox.

7.  Do Not Use All Capital Letters

Frankly speaking, capitalization of all the letters does not work well with recipients. Capitalization usually is used for portraying alarm against something. Capitalization of all the letters does not work well with recipients.

(i)  First, rather of expressing the concept, it looks like the sender is yelling out for attention. There is absolutely no need for a shoutout in the subject.

(ii)  Second, capitalization may trigger the spam filter.

SPAM Triggering Words

Writing subject lines for your email marketing campaigns can be a stressful job. Thoughts like, “Is the title too short?”, “Will this title attract readers?” , etc will cross minds. Emails could remain undelivered because of the usage of certain words which may trigger the SPAM filters. Some SPAM trigger words:

  • Guaranteed
  • Offer
  • Free
  • Weight loss
  • Additional income
  • Cash
  • Clearance
  • Money back

These are some Spam triggering words. In general, if a word seems to look like an alluring trap, possibilities are it is spam triggering word.

To Conclude

Curating a creative email marketing subject line goes a long way. The effect is usually enhanced when you give a personal touch to it. Know the details of email marketing and tuned to us for more tips. To be a great email marketer, you should build a rapport equally well with a maximum number of recipients. Earn their trust by sending them relevant emails which will help them trust you more. Never forget to implement good practices. Avoid getting spammed. Happy marketing…

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