The Effects of Google’s RankBrain in SEO

The Effects of Google’s RankBrain in SEO

Google Rankbrain in SEO

Yes, I know you too are wondering about the same. RankBrain is here now. It is all over the SEO news sites. But how does this “Third most important ranking factor” really affecting SEO. Let’s see the Effects of Google’s RankBrain in SEO.

How is Google RankBrain Algorithm Affecting SEO?

For beginners, it goes beyond merely targeting keywords. Earlier, choosing the relevant keywords for your website was the key. It was the only way only to fit Google’s mathematical algorithm. That algorithm stayed until an update, hence you could rely on the selected keywords to show up higher in search results. Now with Google’s RankBrain, the algorithms are always evolving and updating, that infers that content creators should be more flexible and aware of what they are ranking. The competition for the top 3 ranking spots is going tougher.

What does RankBrain do?

It is a machine learning algorithm that Google uses. Machine Learning’s touch to Google RankBrain is what distinguishes it from the other updates. Google RankBrain is taught to produce relevant and helpful search results through the “dataset” which is provided to it. The Machine Learning algorithm then processes and learns from this dataset. Over the time it matches a variety of signals to produce accurate search results. In fact, according to Google, Google RankBrain is its third most crucial ranking factor.

Here are some opinions of how RankBrain will affect SEO in a long ride.

1. User Behavior is Changing and will Change even More

As the search results are getting better day by day concerning the relevance to the searcher, obtaining the top 3 ranks in the local listing is getting tougher. So as long as it is an organic listing and unpaid, it will get more clicks from users now more than ever. This is the beginning of results of RankBrain in SEO.

The top 3 spots will consume the clicks of the rest of the SERP listings. That is because of the natural human tendency that the first 3 results are the best and that they will surely satisfy the query. So, the point is, no one is concerned about getting on to the first page, it is about getting into top 3.

2. The Competition is Getting Tougher

‘Search’ jumped on the competitive scale. What Google Rankbrain does is prioritizing meaningful and relevant results. The string queries get converted to things, its all about the search game chiefly for traffic. All the posts that are not that comprehensive than its counterparts will fall in the low ratings. ‘Only the best survive’ is the agenda which follows the ratings.

Hence the Competition is Getting Tougher day by day with the introduction of RankBrain in SEO.

3. Machine Learning will Smash down the Spamming and the Black Hat Practices

For a long time, the black hat SEO practitioners were taking advantage of the fact that a machine is following a fixed set of rules that determine the ranking of pages. This practice let them often use creative black hat practices to get to the top rankings of search results. With RankBrain in SEO making the ranking results relevant and more spontaneous based on the of what searcher is looking for, we have higher possibilities of ending such practices.

To conclude, this is the beginning of a number of years of machine learning used in Google’ algorithms. Considering the direction of Google is fight spamming and close the loopholes. Being said, the next machine-learning algorithm Google will launch after RankBrain will deal firmly with fighting spam.

How to Optimize RankBrain in SEO

As SEO Specialists, we always think about how to optimize the content so that it ranks high and grabs quality traffic. Google has stated its top 3 ranking factors:

  • Links
  • Content
  • RankBrain

It’s reasonably clear what you need to do to optimize Links and Content effectively. But the question is how to optimize for RankBrain? According to Google’s Gary Illyes writing in the natural language and making sure the user gets the content, they are looking for is the key for best results.

The key here is to optimize for users and not just for search engines.

Optimizing for RankBrain in SEO

1. Always optimize for the end user and not just for search engines

Whatever you do, you should always optimize for the end user. Your plans to optimize the content should be for end-user satisfaction. If the content does value the end user, RankBrain won’t even consider it a valuable content.

2. Keep the URLs simples

Follow the ” Keep It Simple” principle. Try to keep your URLs simple, and the focus should be on the content you are serving for optimizing RankBrain in SEO.

3. Present Quality Content

Quality content that provides value to an end-user is always the best way to rank high with RankBrain. This is a proven technique to optimize RankBrain in SEO.

4. Write the content in Natural Language

One of the simplest ways to write for the end user is to write in natural language. This is the way which we use for conversation. Do not make your content sound strange. Try to read it loud and if it sounds robotic, change it, it won’t attract end users.

5. Keyword stuff is harmful

When you are writing content, do not focus only on one specific keyword, find out few keywords related to the content to use them. Do not force fit the keyword, as it may change the way the context sounds. You can change the order of the words or add modifiers to the words. Google understands semantics. Make it sound like real conversation and not SEO-ish.

To sum up, Google’s RankBrain is a machine-learning artificial intelligence algorithm which processes the search queries on Google. It works best for long-tail queries, ‘never-before-seen’ queries and the queries which have modifiers in it like “with.” RankBrain’s decisions are mostly based on historical queries. Also, if it thinks that it has better results for a similar type of query with the similar intent, the AI gives the results of that other query instead.

There are no more “simple” tricks for boosting your search engine rankings. You have to work hard to provide quality content that meets the needs of searchers. The above tips will help you optimize for RankBrain in SEO.

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